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Ye Visual

We create your custom touchscreen applications

As an Intuiface Expert, we tailor interactive and targeted touchscreen experiences. This for your showroom, shop, office or exhibition stand. We do not have to write any code, which means that we can deliver projects faster and cheaper. We easily link sensors, web APIs, RFID readers and other elements to your interactive project. You can easily add content and product information yourself via the cloud-based portal.

Want to step into a digital future together? This is how we create a unique experience for your audience together!

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Office Ye Visual,
Dumolinlaan 1,
8500 Kortrijk

Starting in the summer of 2021, Ye Visual’s new showroom will open at Gentseweg 226, 8792 Waregem.

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Send us an email with your question and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your customized solution as well!

Who is Ye visual?

Why choose Ye Visual?

Powered by INTUIFACE

As an Intuiface Expert, we create interactive and targeted touchscreen experiences in record time, linked to the latest digital technologies.



our software tools

Interactivity is a must. Our developers develop intuitive applications that fit perfectly within your concept and goal.


Analytics Platform

Every interactive project has a goal: sell, inspire, educate, … The Analytics collect relevant data and help you gain insight into achieving your goal.



We always go for the newest forms of interactivity. We therefore only work with partners who help us achieve this mission.


Adjust content yourself

During the training you get to know the functionalities of the Content Management System and you learn to create, share and manage a message yourself.

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