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Digital signage software

Easily adjust your playlist and scheduling yourself

Are you looking for beautiful, professional and reliable content for your digital signage project? We are happy to help you. Our unique digital signage platform uses easily customizable templates so that you can personalize your content at any time.

Interactive touchscreen software

We create tailor-made interactive projects

As an Intuiface Expert, we create interactive and targeted touchscreen experiences in record time, coupled with the latest digital technologies.

Digital signage software

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+150 templates

Our platform has an extensive range of templates, which are supplemented at any time.

Stock photos

Not enough content to show yourself? Thanks to our Pixabay library, you are never short of images.

Choose, edit and publish

Choose from one of the 150+ templates from the overview. Change texts, colors, logos and images, or adjust animations to your liking. Changes to your playlist go live immediately!

External data

Do you use external data? No problem. Our platform offers the possibility to integrate this via an API link.

Live Feed

News reports, social media accounts, weather reports ... You always have access to information that is updated live.

Would you like to get started with digital displays yourself?

Interactive signage projects

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Powered by INTUIFACE

As Intuiface Expert for Belgium, we tailor your interactive and targeted digital touchscreen experiences with their software. We do not have to write any code, which means that we can deliver projects faster and cheaper. We easily link sensors, web APIs, RFID readers and other elements to your interactive project.

Afterwards, you can easily add new content yourself via the cloud-based portal. This way your project is always up-to-date!

Furthermore, Intuiface contains a very interesting Analytics platform, which gives you real insight into the use of your digital touch projects.

Hundreds of companies worldwide therefore rely on their local Intuiface Partners to have their touchscreen projects made.

Intuiface, with offices in Toulouse, Taipei and Chicago, has also obtained the ISO 27001 certificate, which in short means that your data is in safe hands!



How do we proceed?

As an Intuiface Expert, we create interactive and targeted touchscreen experiences in record time, coupled with the latest digital technologies.

Creative thinking

We build your interactive signage project completely tailored to your company. If you are satisfied with the design, the project will be sent to you in the test phase. The experience is optimized based on your feedback.

Software - Tools & Research

Tools & Research

The interactive experience is remotely published to your screen. If necessary, extra online sessions are provided, in which you can, for example, learn how to update the content of your screen.

Software - Usability Testing

Usability Testing

The experience must of course yield optimal returns for you, so this is where the Analytics platform comes in perfectly. Keep track of which actions are performed on the screen, at what times, and so on in the dashboard. This way we can make adjustments where necessary.

Experience the digital signage experience yourself!